A little bit about how Puparazzi began.

I took photos of my baby girl, Mandi, 8 years ago, on a funky chair outside and after posting it on social media, had tons of inquiries on whether I’d like to do more. Ummm, yes, please!

Shortly after, I was asked if I would photograph to raise money for rescue and I decided to go for it. After a fun day of sessions, a friend and my daughter insisted that I should name it. Puparazzi Portraits was born in that moment. The logo/branding was designed by my daughter within a week and the tagline ‘FourLegged, Furry & Fabulous!” was the extra sparkle created over drinks that evening!

A few fun facts about me…

I love the unconditional love between a fur baby and their is magic!

I live for the cuddles and attitude I get everyday with my own!

I am that “crazy pet person” and am honored by that name and I have found that my clients relate!

I am a gin, club soda and life kinda’ girl - and sometimes one of these is quite necessary being the mom of four furries!

I feel honored to be able to capture the joy and love the laughter that I see between fur baby parents and the furries. How lucky am I?

One of my favorite moments during a photo shoot was when a Doberman lazily got up from set, came over and gave me a slobbery kiss and then sauntered back and fell asleep for the camera. Does it get better than that!?

I am the mom to two amazing human babies - 29 and 27, and to four fur babies - two kitties I am fostering (Tiny and Nadine), Bella, my senior Boston Terrier and Nala, my ever-loving pitty! Needless to say, there are very few quiet moments around here!