Where do sessions take place?

I book only three Puparazzi Portraits sessions per month and all sessions take place at my studio located at the Goat Farm Art Complex in West Midtown, Atlanta. Exceptions will be made should you have a senior dog or cats that you want to have photographed and I will be happy to work with you to come to your home and do a session there.

In my studio, we get the beauty of old wood floors, large windows flooding with natural light as well the high key look (white background) that I specialize in, and we can even take the fur babies outdoors if we decide at the end of the photo session.

Can I be in some of the pictures with my pet?

Absolutely, I insist that you do! I always say the fur babies are the stars and the parent(s) can make a cameo appearance! I believe the biggest memories are in the unconditional love between you and your baby and so I definitely want to capture this! Although many images may be candid, I will create time to capture the moments for all of you together...playing, cuddling, hanging out. I also encourage bringing their toys and treats and even a favorite blanket that they love to cuddle with at night.

And because I am creating artwork for you, I want all details to look great so I will send you a What to Wear/Getting Ready email for you AND the fur babies so all of you are ready for camera on the day of the shoot!

Do you photograph pets besides cats and dogs?

Ummm...yes!! I have photographed the cutest ferrets EVER, a beautiful Macaw and yes, even gerbils that were part of the family. Let’s talk about it when we chat!

What if I have more than three pets?

I am ok with this but it will take a conversation prior to the shoot so we can plan accordingly. One of my sessions was with a family of 6 and 10 dogs. It took planning but we made it happen! I have also photographed 6 huskies for a family and we did it over two hours, and had only 2 dogs in the studio at once over a 2 hour time period. This allowed for focus and comfort for the animals and allowed me to capture the quality images I want to deliver for a client. There is an additional fee at time of booking when there are more than 3 pets and I am happy to discuss this when we chat.

How long should we plan to be in the studio?

Puparazzi sessions last about 1 1/2 hours. I have found that it is the perfect amount of time to allow for a clothing change for the humans and enough play and capture time for the furries. I always say, plan for two hours should a furry (or parent)  need a bit more hand-holding.

What’s included in the session fee?

The session fee includes my time and talent both during the in-studio session and in post-processing of your images from your session. Careful attention and detail is paid to each and every one of your images so that you’ll have only the best images to choose from on the day of your Reveal. Prints, products, and digital files are NOT included in the session fee.

What happens if I need to change the day/time of my session?

In order to confirm your session and time in the studio, the session fee is due at time of booking. I am happy to work with you on any changes that may occur and reschedule up to two times (although this has never happened in the eight years I have done this work!). My assumption is that you really want photographs as soon as possible but I also know there is something called ‘life’ and it sometimes can get in the way! So if there is a change required due to an emergency with your pet, family or yourself, I am totally ok with rescheduling! If weather becomes an issue, we will chat 24-48 hours prior to the scheduled session and decide on a new date/time.

What is a ‘Reveal’ and what happens during?

Your Reveal session will take place 7-14 days after your Puparazzi Portraits session, in person with me. During the Reveal, you will get to watch a slideshow of the best 45-50 images from your session. At this time, you will also place your order of your favorites for float wraps, coffee table books, prints, wall display and/or digital files. I will walk you through the process of selecting your favorites and how you might want to display them based on your personal preference (wall person or album person) and afterwards, I will send you snapshots of the finals before ordering and you will have all your lovely stuff in hand within 3-4 weeks of the Reveal!